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TOATS MYLK - 750ml Glass Bottles



Organic, barista oat drink. Naturally sweet, fortified with calcium and gluten free. Good for you, your coffee & our earth. This bottle can be returned, refilled, reused and one day recycled. Prices are wholesale, for domestic deliveries please see Hampshire Veg Box.

UK Agriculture: GB-ORG-05   

Ingredients: water, organic oats (11%), organic rapeseed oil, organic seaweed, calcium & potassium carbonate, salt

Nutritional information: (per 100g) Energy 47kcal, total fat 1.8g, sodium 23.6mg, total carbohydrate 6.6g, total dietary fibre <0.5g, total sugar 3g, protein 1.0g.

Storage instructions: Store below 5°C  and consume within 3 days of opening.  

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