About Us

TOATS MYLK is produced on Rushmere Farm, where we farm organically to produce oats that are beneficial to human health as well as to nature. These oats are turned into a milk alternative that is packaged in a way that minimises resource use, and any profits from the business are used for positive environmental benefit. 


We package in glass bottles and in bulk Bag-in-Box. 88% of our glass bottles are returned to be cleaned and refilled, and all of our Bag-in-Box packaging is recycled. If you cannot recycle it yourself, send it back to us and we can do it for you. 


By milling fresh and pasteurising at lower temperatures we aim to preserve more of the natural minerals, vitamins and nutrients from the oat grain than other oat drink manufacturers whose oats are stabilised at high temperatures and whose product is Ultra Heat Treated (UHT). 


All of our actions have an impact, and as a supplier we feel it is important not to pass this onto our customers, therefore we have dedicated 32% of the farm to nature and wildlife recovery and 100% to building soil health and organic matter. We are therefore  able to offset all of our carbon emissions and to build biodiversity sustainably.